DMM Newsletter

Topics in DMM News issues

Most issues of the DMM News focus on particular topics. We list these here and also invite readers to suggest topics that they would like to see in the DMM News.

DMM # 1: The beginning of IASA; Reading the literature with the DMM in mind;

DMM # 2: Academic programs using the DMM, the School-age Assessment of Attachment, Forensic applications of the DMM, Eating Disorders;

DMM # 3: The DMM & social policy: Choosing intervention programs, Improving service structures, Prevention, Conversion disorders;

DMM # 4: Preventing child homicide; Work with violent & sexual offenders;

DMM # 5: Victims: Signals of risk, Long-terms effects of institutionalization, Serving aboriginal populations, Women who were sexually abused in childhood, Trauma;

DMM # 6: Conference Overview: Central DMM ideas; Brain functioning in attachment; Self-protective strategies of therapists;

DMM # 7: Foster care; Effect of child deaths on service delivery.

DMM # 8: Adoption; Internatinal adoption; Assessing attachment in preschool children;Child sexual abuse.

DMM # 9: Adoption 2; Stories of adotion by famlies; Clinicians writing; Perinatal maternal programming.

DMM # 10: DMM in Germany; Conference banquet.

DMM # 11: Psychosomatics: toxic stress, alexithymia, inability to walk, and mind & body connection. 

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