This issue of DMM News focuses on addictions. Our contributors hail from three different continents: Europe, North America and Africa, demonstrating the growing reach of DMM'ers internationally! Contributions include:

  • a review of an ongoing American study examining the potential for intergenerational predisposition to addiction, due to the overlap in the brain's reward system for addiction and attachment relationships
  • a summary of a completed Canadian study on addicted mothers' preferences for support for themselves and their children, and
  • from our United Kingdome contributor, a description of how the DMM can be used to understand the relationship between addiction and attachment and provide guidance for treatment

We also highlight the work of one of our newest DMM'ers in creating a successful community addictions counseling centre in South Africa.

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Maternal Addiction: Does Attachment Play a Role?

Maternal addiction is a serious problem with long lasting consequences for children's social, emotional and cognitive

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Addiction & Attachment

The term "addiction" means a devotion to something, and the "addict" is the person with the devotion.

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Drug Counseling Center

In Canada, nearly 10 in 100 women report addiction to some form of illicit substance (e.g., cannabis, opioids) and nearly 2 in 100 abuse highly addictive opioid substances like oxycontin and heroin (Adlaf, Begin, & Sawka, 2005).

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Drug Counseling Centre – For recovering addicts and their families

Al Khaleel is a community-based organization in Brixton, South Africa that offers weekly free counselling to recovering drug addicts and their families.

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Book Review: Assessing Adult Attachment:

In Assessing Adult Attachment: A Dynamic-Maturational Approach to Discourse Analysis, co-authors Crittenden and Landini offer a concise yet comprehensive guide to discourse analysis of the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI), rooted in the DMM.

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Special Announcement!

The 2012 IASA Grants and Training Scholarships Competition Deadline is Announced!

The award competition is open until May 15, 2012. The purpose of the competition is to provide financial support to IASA members carrying out basic research on the DMM, testing the validity of DMM assessments and/or developing coder and trainer skills.

This year, preference will be given to developing coder and forensic reliability in the SAA and AAI. Development of DMM capacity in these areas was determined to be a strategic priority of the IASA Board at our summer 2011 meeting.

For more information or to apply, please email IASA Board Member, Nicole Letourneau at Nicole.Letourneau@ucalgary.ca.

Good Luck!